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3 independent channel/relay
hopping code receiver
each relay output: 10A 30VDC
3 independent time setting
12V-24V AC/DC
433MHz hopping code
encrypted transmission
Remote Distance (open space) 100M
(fit with SMB-T009)

These easy-to-operate and programmable transmitters and receivers are suitable for switching electric locks, automatic doors or other applications. Transmitter and receiver are 3 channel. Relays of the receiver and buttons of the transmitter are independent and can be programmed together and each has its own time setting (0.5 – 60 sec.) with a continuous or pulse contact. The code transfer is rolling so it varies with each transmit pulse.

Easy to program
Receiver relay and transmitter buttons are independent and programmable
Frequency 433.92MHz
Comes with battery

3 channels
Code transfer is rolling
Choice of transparent or colored buttons (both included)
When the hand-held transmitter is held down, the relay remains switched
With optical indication
Features recessed buttons to limit false activation
Transmission range in open area is 100 meters (within buildings 30 meters)

3 relays (up to 24 transmitters can be programmed per relay)
3 relays have their own time setting (0.5 – 60 sec.) with a continuous or pulse contact
With make and break contact
Suitable for 12-24V AC/DC
Operating temperature -20˚C to 60˚C

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