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5 amp relays module with timer delay
Two relays output
12/24 VDC

Handy and compact PCB with two 5 amp relays and an adjustable time delay. This relay module is suitable for 12/24V DC and the time delay is adjustable from 0.5 – 60 seconds.

Relay Module with Timer Delay and Trigger
2 relays outputs: 5A 240VAC/30VDC
Power and control port
+ : Positive port of the 12V/24V
– : Negative port of the 12V/24V
TRIG: Negative trigger port for the relay to react. Useful only when “J5” is at “ON” position.
After the relay acted, trigger the TRIG port to make the relay act again.
Working voltage: 12(24) VDC
Relay Standby: 10 mA
Relay Act: 53 mA
Delay Time: 0.5-60S (Powered or Triggered when delay function ON)
Screw Terminals Output: 9
Size: 56 x 40 mm
Accessories: 2 pcs PCB 3M HOLDER
Pack: inner PCB layer + white box

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