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CAP180 B

External sounder with strobe alarm
Lid, base and screws tamper protection
Piezo driver (one or two)
SAB/SCB mode
Negative & positive trigger seletable
Two kinds LED flash mode optional
Two slectable tones with soft sound
Low battery monitoring
Max 500mA 112dB
9-16V DC
CAP180 B

These beautiful and smart souders use the professional micro-processor to keep it working efficiently and stably in high-performance with DIP switch settings for two sound sources, soft sound function, positive/negative trigger, Marquee/cycle light, wall/lid/screw tamper protection, SAB/SCB mode, maintenance mode, low battery monitoring and etc.
A separate weather-proof PCB room to protect SMT PCBA and LEDs, so suitable for ourdoor use, also easy installation and maintenance.
Piezo/speaker are optional, so suitalbe for any security panels in different brands.
Adjustment tamper design, so suitable for different wall installation for example the uneven wall.
Different color len (tranparent clear/red/blue/orange) are available with clear & bright LEDS

One or two piezos external Bell Box, Battery Backup(Battery Excluded), DC9-16V,
Single piezo Drive type, SMT LED,
Alarm current less than 500A,
Alarm Sound: 112B/1M,
Low Battery Monitoring, Battery size optional,
Special Maintenance Mode,
1.Standard one piezo drive
2.Two kinds LED flash mode optional when standby
3.Two alarm sounds optional
4.Trigger polarity for light alarm optional
5.Trigger polarity for sound alarm optional
6.First 10 seconds Soft Sound selectable for sound alarm
7.Two tamper switches for triple tamper protection, Tamper protection in 4 ways- screw, lid opening & tearing, base tearing from the wall
8.Back-up battery optional
9.Tamper protection signal output
10.Battery low voltage status output
11.Back-up battery charged automatically
12.Four high-light LEDs provide bright light alarm output
Size: 320*220*90mm”

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