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Dolphin D

Internal sounder with strobe alarm
Program emergency light
Negative trigger
LEDs off at standby
Two slectable tones
6 screws terminals output
10-16 VDC
Dolphin D

These narrow, beautiful and smart souders have high decibel in two sound sources and 6 high brightness LEDs in clear colors of clear, red & blue strobe alarm. If city power drop off, the emergency light will be automatically active by program port.
Positive or negative trigger polarity are available, suitable for different security systems.

Different color combinations (solid white/red, tranparent clear/red/blue) match the different application scenarios.
Easy and friendly installation. Cover tamper protection is available if required.

Super High Decibel Internal sounder with strobe alarm with Dolphin Shape
112dB & super bright LED alert
Negative trigger
Program Emergency light function with super bright Illuminated Stripe
Multiple colors optional for housing/len
High-brightness LED output (Transparent Red/Blue/White) in Alarm
Standby LEDs OFF
Small size, suitable for indoor installation
Sound output over 112DB/1M
Two kinds of alarm sound available
Synchronous or asynchronous alarm output selectable for sound and light alarm
Sound & Light Synchronous alarm current ≤ 200mA
6 terminals output: GND/VCC/BELL/FLASH/COM/PROG
Size: 140*85*32mm
OEM logo/symbol printing available

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