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Pre-alert cover protection
12-24VDC input
Triple poles changeover switches
30VDC 3A output

Green manual call points have pre-alert cover protection once cover lifted, clear illuminated display & sounder alert, multi-poles changeover switches are located next to an exit and they are used to manually release a door while trying to evacuate the building in the event of an emergency

Triple Poles Illuminated
Double Side Resettable Manual Call Point with Sounder
Pre-alert Cover Protection with Sound Alarm once Cover lifted Clear Hinged Protection Cover (included)
Front/Right/Left/Upper/Bottom Side Illuminated Display
12-24VDC input
Each Pole with COM/NO/NC, 125VAC 3A output
Beeper (ON/beep/Silent)
Adjustable Volume (Low to High)
LED: (ON/Flash/Off)
Green/Red LED Display
UL listed Microswitches
Comply with EN54-11
11 Screwless Terminals
OEM Logo Printing Available

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